Nuremberg, 02 November 2018

SCHEMA was founded in 1995 by Marcus Kesseler and Stefan Freisler in Nuremberg and has been a pioneer in the field of XML-based Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) ever since. The development of the ST4 product started by SCHEMA at the beginning of the 2000s has made the company one of the market leaders for complex (technical) documentation in the DACH region. With increasing digitalization, shortening of product lifecycles, increase of variant and version diversity as well as increasing regulatory requirements across all industries and countries, the importance of CCMS solutions in companies will continue to increase in the future; also and above all outside the original niche of technical documentation.

With around 120 employees at the company's headquarters, the founders have successively aligned and prepared the company over the past few years for the increasing international expansion as well as the increasing digitalization and networking within companies. The main driver of the impressive growth in recent years has been the expansion of the software's areas of application. Started as a software solution for technical editors, the software is now used for all types of documentation in companies and across all industries (including mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics industry, medical technology, pharmaceutical industry). Based in Nuremberg, the company serves not only attractive customers of German medium-sized companies, but also blue chip customers from the above-mentioned industries worldwide.

In addition to offering a CCMS solution, SCHEMA also has two other software products in its portfolio: the Content Delivery Server (CDS) and the investment in TID Informatik GmbH (TID). The group thus offers a suitable answer to the increasing digitalization and networking within companies, as well as for a stronger digital networking of companies with their service technicians and customers.

Through IK's participation, the founders expect "to further expand their leading market position with the help of the experience and support of an experienced partner, as well as his network and expertise across a wide range of industries, and to open a new chapter in the company's history," says Stefan Freisler, who sees IK as exactly the right partner for SCHEMA's next growth step. Marcus Kesseler adds: "IK shares our vision of strategic development and our view of SCHEMA's growth potential. With the support of IK, we will continue our successful course and continuously expand our range of services. We are looking forward to the cooperation and the new impulses from outside". Both founders will continue to operate and remain associated with the company under company law. Both are motivated to continue to accompany the impressive development of a medium-sized software company from a niche niche to a hidden champion, who actively promotes the industrialization of text production, together with a new partner.

Sebastian Mink (Principal), who was in charge of the project on the part of Concentro together with Michael Raab (Partner), "sees in IK an investor who is ideally suited to the company, but above all to the ambitious goals of the entire management team, and who recognizes and appreciates the potential beyond the previously addressed niche of technical documentation".

During the preparation and execution of the transaction, the shareholders of SCHEMA were advised and advised by Concentro Management AG as M&A advisors, legally by THORWART Rechtsanwälte and fiscally by ECOVIS Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, all from Nuremberg.


Process participants

  1. Buyer's advisor
    1. Transaction Management/M&A: CatCap GmbH | Hamburg (

Daniel Garlipp (Managing Partner), Dr. Manfred Drax (Associate Partner), Sebastian Fischer (Vice President), Philip Goldhahn (Associate), Moritz Stolp (Senior Analyst)

    1. Legal & tax support: Renzenbrink & Partner | Hamburg (

Lawyer Dr. Ulf Renzenbrink (corporate law, M&A) (leading), Lawyer Marc Holger Kotyrba (Tax), Lawyer Dr. Dennis Schlottmann (corporate law, M&A), Lawyer Dr. Niels Maier (corporate law, M&A), Lawyer Dr. Alexander Haunschild (corporate law, M&A)

    1. Financial Consultant: Ebner Stolz | Hamburg (

           Claus Bähre (lead manager), Marco Görlinger, Alexander Roocks

    1. Commercial/technical consultant: wdp | Cologne (

Christoph Nichau (Partner, Transaction Services), Mark Reinold (Manager, IT Consulting), Wladislaw Kanewski (Due Diligence Manager), Philipp Kirchner (Consultant), Daniel Lebek (Consultant), Michael Lohmar (Senior Consultant), Jona Hupfer (Analyst), Ingmar Stock (Analyst)



  1. Advisors to the sellers
    1. Legal support: Law firm THORWART Rechtsanwälte | Nürnberg (

Lawyer Prof. Dr. Rolf Otto Seeling (corporate law, M&A) (leading), Lawyer Alexander Frey (corporate law, M&A), Lawyer Danny Hinkelthein (IP & IT), Lawyer Christiane Eifler (IP & IT), Attorney Richard Beckstein (corporate law, M&A)

    1. Tax consulting: ECOVIS Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft | Nuremberg (

Hans Buckert (auditor and tax consultant), Sabrina Metzdorf (auditor and tax consultant), Kerstin Kreutner

    1. Transaction Management/M&A: Concentro Management AG | Nuremberg/ Munich (

Michael Raab (Partner), Sebastian Mink (Principal), Philipp Goller (Project Manager), Julia Albert (Consultant), Sophie Martin (Consultant)