Munich, 15 January 2019


The operative business of the outpatient rehabilitation centre Dortmund Klinik am Stein was continued by Mr. Schoß in the preliminary and opened insolvency proceedings since mid-January 2018 together with the management. Now, following an investor process set up by Concentro, a purchase agreement has been signed with the Johanniter to secure the transfer of the business operations and assets of the business operations in Dortmund. With the transferring restructuring, Mr. Schoß has succeeded in securing a large part of the jobs at the Dortmund location.

The Outpatient Rehab Centre in Dortmund was founded in 2006 as a further location to supplement the inpatient operations of the Klinik am Stein in Olsberg. The facility concentrated on neurological and geriatric rehabilitation. Outpatient rehabilitation is offered for patients with neurological (stroke, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, craniocerebral trauma, etc.) and geriatric diseases (internal, orthopaedic and neurological referral diagnoses, which are made more difficult by multimorbidity, impending need for care, depression, brain disorders, etc.). In the past, around 400 patients were treated each year.

Despite a high capacity utilisation both in the parent company in Olsberg and in the outpatient facility in Dortmund, the management had to file an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings with the responsible local court in Arnsberg on 12 January 2018, as the inpatient facility got into difficulties due to internal organisational problems. The provisional insolvency administrator, Andreas Schoß, of the law firm Blesinger Wischermann & Partner, together with the management continued the operation in full and commissioned Concentro Management AG with the search for investors at the beginning of February.

"We are very pleased to have found in Johanniter an investor who can maintain and expand the health and social responsibility of medical care in Dortmund". - Attorney Andreas Schoß, Insolvency Administrator Klinik am Stein Betriebs-GmbH

Mr. Werner and Mr. Jaburg, who supervised the investor process on behalf of Concentro, also explained: "The takeover by Johanniter not only gives the employees a sustainable perspective, but above all the patients can look forward to reliable, responsible and high-quality care.

The Johanniter, who are already providing first-class care for patients in the city of Dortmund with the Johanniter Clinic at Rombergpark, are now expanding their range of services and their regional coverage and will continue to operate the outpatient rehabilitation centre under the new name "Ambulantes Rehabilitations- und Therapiezentrum Dortmund GmbH".

The law firm Blesinger Wischermann & Partner ( is a law firm with fifteen professionals working at several locations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. In this context, the handling of insolvency proceedings on behalf of numerous insolvency courts is a focal point. The focus is always on maintaining the company as an economic unit.