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Whether corporate financing, corporate succession, investor search or company purchase. We support our clients with experience and our broad network!

Corporate Financing

The professionally structured financing forms the backbone of the entrepreneurial success. If the equity and debt capital is used efficiently, the company can improve its crisis resilience and leverage growth financing opportunities. Thanks to our consulting expertise, our clients can optimize their corporate financing. We show our clients ways to strengthen their equity capital, to optimize the balance sheet structure and to develop a sustainable long-term financing strategy.

Whitepaper | Mechanical Engineering 2010: Can the upswing be financed?

The past year began as a crisis year for the German mechanical and plant engineering industry and ended with a conciliatory outlook. After a drop in incoming orders by 50% in some cases, many companies are now seeing light on the horizon again.

Whitepaper | How economically successful printing companies manage themselves and realize successes

The printing industry has been in a state of upheaval for years. Overcapacities, the growing importance of digital media, the shrinking market for print products and the resulting decline in volumes and prices are all signs of the trend of recent years. In addition, some lenders and credit insurers are pushing ahead with their demands on companies in the printing industry, which can lead to gaps in the financing of necessary investments and ongoing liquidity. This results in mergers of printing companies, but also in an increasing number of corporate insolvencies.

Whitepaper | Bankenforum 2010: Who will finance SMEs in 2015?

The Bankenforum tried to answer this question on 12 October 2010 in Nuremberg. The speakers, Minister of State Fahrenschon and Jochen H. Ihler, Divisional Board Member Mittelstand of Commerzbank AG, offered suggestions for solutions. In a subsequent panel discussion, representatives of Deutsche Bank AG, Sparkasse Nürnberg and UniCredit Bank AG also pointed out further aspects and perspectives of the future development of SME financing.