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For strategic questions or operational challenges: Concentro advises comprehensively on corporate development, jointly creates individual concepts and accompanies the implementation.

Corporate Strategy

A long-term corporate strategy is the basis for the sustainable success of the business. Especially in this area, the neutral view from the outside is extremely valuable: As a management consultancy, we support our clients in detecting the need for corrections, in defining clear corporate goals and in supporting the implementation.

Technical paper | Strategic corporate management using the example of an automotive supplier

Developing new products, redesigning processes, opening up new markets - a company can only be successful in the long term if management and employees succeed in doing so time and again. But that is easier said than done. In addition to courage and ideas, the right instruments for planning and control are also needed. You can find out more about this in this technical article.

Whitepaper | Strategic company acquisition - qualified growth through targeted search

The purchase and in particular the integration of a company are not routine for medium-sized entrepreneurs and are associated with some risks. A team of specialized consultants should be involved as early as possible in an acquisition. This whitepaper takes up this idea and is intended to give an overview of how a strategic acquisition can be systematically planned and carried out on one's own initiative. In particular, the M&A strategy is in the focus.

Project example mechanical engineering - sale for strategic reasons

The reasons for selling a company are manifold. These include, among other things, the sale of companies or parts of companies in order to regulate one's own succession and to hand over one's life's work into the right hands, to eliminate financial bottlenecks, to settle shareholder disputes or to implement adopted corporate strategies. In order to gain an impression of how a corporate transaction is carried out in detail, a concrete project example from the field of mechanical engineering is sketched here, which involved a sale for strategic reasons (investment portfolio).