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Insolvency Support

If the company gets into a crisis, swift and targeted action is necessary to ensure the existence of the business. As an experienced management consultancy, we support our clients in securing solvency and developing sustainable restructuring and renovation concepts. Thus, the course is set to lead the company back on the road to long-term yield.

Whitepaper | The purchase of companies out of insolvency

Insolvencies often represent interesting takeover targets. Decisive for a successful acquisition and the subsequent restructuring, however, are a professional process management as well as the optimal utilization of the insolvency-specific restructuring possibilities. This whitepaper gives an initial overview of the topic and identifies the critical factors for the buyer.

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Insolvency M&A in the Pipeline Construction

Very fast dual-track M&A process, parallel to the insolvency plan, through a targeted and structured approach.

Whitepaper | Stationary fashion trade - Shaping the future in the present

Since the advent of e-commerce at the turn of the millennium, the share of online commerce has been increasing year by year. This development has accelerated in recent years. The stationary trade, especially the stationary fashion trade, is facing great challenges which not all market participants are up to. As a result of an increasingly dynamic market and changing buying behaviour, insolvencies have increased in recent months and years. Affected retailers must take a progressive approach to necessary strategic and structural changes in order to conquer and maintain their position in a changing market.