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Business Succession in the Electronics Industry

Through an international bidding process, the growth story and the excess return could be fully realized as a purchase price.

Whitepaper | Strategic company acquisition - qualified growth through targeted search

The purchase and in particular the integration of a company are not routine for medium-sized entrepreneurs and are associated with some risks. A team of specialized consultants should be involved as early as possible in an acquisition. This whitepaper takes up this idea and is intended to give an overview of how a strategic acquisition can be systematically planned and carried out on one's own initiative. In particular, the M&A strategy is in the focus.

Whitepaper | The purchase of companies out of insolvency

Insolvencies often represent interesting takeover targets. Decisive for a successful acquisition and the subsequent restructuring, however, are a professional process management as well as the optimal utilization of the insolvency-specific restructuring possibilities. This whitepaper gives an initial overview of the topic and identifies the critical factors for the buyer.

Business Acquisition

There can be very different reasons for acquiring a company. The spectrum ranges from start-up companies who in the context of a management buy-out or management buy-in purchase an excisting enterprise, to investments by institutional investors in high-yield companies.