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For strategic questions or operational challenges: Concentro advises comprehensively on corporate development, jointly creates individual concepts and accompanies the implementation.

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Upgrade: Aus Dr. Sasse wird Prof. Dr. Sasse - Dr. Alexander Sasse wird zum Honorarprofessor bestellt

Concentro Managing Partner Dr. Alexander Sasse auf Honorarprofessur im Fachgebiet „Controlling“ an der Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau berufen.

Management Control

Management control is one of the most important business tasks in the company. The planning and control is often summarized under the term "controlling" and includes a variety of tools that help in the planning, evaluation and control of business ratios and processes. A core element of the management control is integrated corporate planning. As a corporate consultancy, we assist our clients when it comes to the efficient implementation of integrated corporate planning and thus management control.