The Customer Controls the M&A Transaction Process through Close Involvement and Release Decisions.

Company Sale as an Alternative to Succession

Many entrepreneurs, who retire from active life for reasons of age, decide to sell the company. In order to design the sales process optimally, a long-term planning is necessary, in which we accompany our clients step by step as a management consultant. In addition to facts and figures, emotional aspects also play an important role: the transferor wishes to continue his life's work soundly, while the next generation brings in new ideas and strategies. And if there is no successor within the family, it is important to carefully plan and rigorously implement the sale of the company as part of an external investor solution with a clear view of economic factors.

We support and advise on the determination and optimization of the enterprise value as well as in all phases of the offer and sales process. In all steps up to the successful completion we accompany our clients in close coordination.

Company Sale with Optimization of the Transaction Value

For company sales as part of a succession plan, the process is usually designed for 6 to 12 months. This timeframe creates the opportunity to optimize the transaction value with a strategic approach and thus to achieve an ideal result in the interests of the client. The process is usually divided into the following steps:

Preparation and Assessment of Value

We analyze the strengths and the need for optimization in the company and carry out an indicative business valuation. In addition, we create transaction documents such as the blind profile or an information memorandum, explore suitable investors and, in close consultation with management and shareholders, develop a planning concept for the concrete implementation of the transaction. The goal of all measures is already at this stage to optimize the transaction objectives and to ensure a secure transfer.

Search for Investors

Our experience, our strong network and the use of professional databases allow us to address eligible investors in a discrete manner and in compliance with all secrecy obligations. At the same time we prepare the due diligence and the data room.

Transaction Design

At this stage we support due diligence, set up a physical or virtual data room, as appropriate, and evaluate investor indicative offers. When investors enter into negotiations, we stand ready to moderate and analyze discussions, accompany deeper due diligence, and help shape final contract negotiations in the interests of our clients.


If required, we organize the collection of permits - for example, from the Supervisory Board or the antitrust authorities - and assist our clients in concluding and handover after the closing conditions have been met.

In all phases we are a reliable and loyal partner for our clients. With our services we contribute to the fact that the buyer can be handed over a company that is well prepared for the challenges of the future.

Company Sale for Realignment after a Crisis or Insolvency

When a company gets into a crisis or even has to file for insolvency, selling the company can be the key to securing the future. However, different conditions are to be expected here than in the long-term sale as part of a succession plan - it is important to act quickly and competently, with transaction security becoming more important than price optimization. We support our clients with our experience in crisis management and support even complex processes.

Time-optimized Company Sale with High Transaction Security

When a company is to be sold due to a crisis or insolvency, the quick and secure conclusion of the sales process is the most important criterion. For this requirement, we have developed processes that meet the time restrictions. In order to get into the negotiations quickly, we create compressed sales memoranda and carry out an accelerated investor approach. In this way, we ensure an orderly process of the sales process under the pressure of time with the aim of a secure transaction, which guarantees the continuance of the company, if possible.

Your Experienced Management Consultancy for Company Sales and Succession Regulations

The sensitive processes of succession and sale require a high degree of professional and personal competence. We not only offer our clients many years of experience and expertise, but also a proven high success rate. This enabled us to successfully realize and accompany around 200 company sales.