Securing the Solvency and Continuation of Business Operations

In the sensitive phase of restructuring, challenging tasks have to be mastered. In the short term to ensure the solvency, liquidity and financing of the company must be guaranteed first and foremost. In retrospect, an accurate and critical analysis of the causes of crises is indispensable. Looking forward, measures and concepts are to be developed in the medium to long term, with the help of which sustainable earning power and competitiveness can be restored.

With the many years of expertise of our experts and the unaltered view from the outside, we accompany our clients in all the challenges that a restructuring entails. As part of a focus analysis, we work with the client to determine what measures should be taken in the short term and define the objectives of the collaboration. Depending on the requirements and the client’s request, we can take on different roles from coach and management consultant to interim manager.

We analyze the liquidity situation, develop strategies for securing solvency and negotiate with customers, suppliers, financing partners and authorities. On the basis of a detailed crisis analysis, we support our clients in developing a sustainable strategy for the continuation of the company. If necessary, we develop a restructuring concept and examine the capacity for restructuring with a neutral and competent eye. As solution-oriented business consultants, we create the basis for a new and future-oriented definition of cooperation in our communication with financing providers. With transparent reporting, we ensure that our clients keep track of all important processes and changes in all phases.

Management Consultancy: Signpost and Initiator in the Turnaround

If the short-term continuation of business operations is secured and the measures required for the implementation of the restructuring concept are defined, we, as a co-designer, accompany the management of the company during the turnaround. In close contact with executives, financing partners and stakeholders we are a reliable companion to our clients on the way to sustainable success. In clearly defined processes, milestones are defined and their achievement is controlled in target-actual analyzes. The goal for us is always that after a successfully overcome crisis, the company is back on an economically sound basis and is equipped with a competitive structure for the challenges of the future.

Well over 300 successfully completed mandates in the field of restructuring prove that our approach to securing solvency, our revenue enhancement and recovery plans and strategies work not only in theory but also in practice. With this success story, we are one of the leading business consultants in the SME segment.