Change Management | Layout Sketch

Lay the Solid Foundation with the Organizational Structure

The basic structure for the smooth running of the operational processes is the organizational structure. Here, the competencies of individual bodies are described, hierarchies are defined and organizational units are formed. We scrutinize existing structures, point out alternative options and, together with our clients, develop future-proof organizational concepts. In doing so, we address the individual operational requirements and analyze the company-specific advantages and disadvantages of decentralized and centralized models. At the same time, we not only keep an eye on the current state of the company, but also incorporate the strategic plans for the coming years in our conceptual work.

Process Organization: Dynamically Controlling and Optimizing Processes

In addition to the organizational structure, the process organization forms the second important building block in the company's holistic organizational structure. Distribution of task, material and information flows, logistics, incident management: all these areas often offer great potential for improving efficiency. In our work, we always focus on reducing complexity. In dialogue with our clients, we improve the workflows in the company, optimize the cost structure and establish processes that enable a consistently excellent quality.

Experience and Expertise in the Service of our Clients

Considering the great importance of the organizational structure for the company and also for the corporate culture practiced by the employees, a high level of experience and sensitivity is required on the part of the management consultancy. We place our expertise, which results from a large number of successful consulting projects, entirely at the service of our clients.