Increasing the Company Value with an Optimization of Profit and Costs

If you want to increase your income and return, and thus your company value, you should keep an eye on both the cost and the revenue side. On the earnings side, the question arises of how to increase earnings sustainably with an optimized sales strategy, strategic pricing and the optimization of the customer and product portfolio. Also, revenue-reducing components such as bonuses or discounts are in the focus of the analysis.

On the other hand, the pool of cost offers potentials with which the company value can be increased. Purchasing, production, warehousing, internal and external logistics and overhead costs: In all of these areas of business, inefficiencies have crept in for many years or even decades, and their removal can turn out to be a lucrative value driver.

Efficient Use of Capital as a Value Driver

In addition to the revenue and cost flows, the efficiency of the used capital also has a decisive influence on the company value. This raises the question of how much capital is tied up in the sales process, for example in the form of stock on hand or outstanding receivables. The entire financing structure of the company also often offers scope for efficiency gains. Liquidity can be released here through sophisticated investment and working capital management and the internal financing power can be strengthened.

Management consulting with Sustainable Added Value

We conduct a targeted analysis of the fields of activities for our clients in order to identify inefficiencies and to identify the most important value drivers. Here we pay particular attention to the effects on earnings, liquidity and capital commitment. On the basis of this analysis, we develop strategic concepts with concrete recommendations for action and optimization measures, in the implementation of which we are happy to assist our clients on request.