Corporate Strategy

A long-term corporate strategy is the basis for the sustainable success of the business. Especially in this area, the neutral view from the outside is extremely valuable: As a management consultancy, we support our clients in detecting the need for corrections, in defining clear corporate goals and in supporting the implementation.

Management Control

Management control is one of the most important business tasks in the company. The planning and control is often summarized under the term "controlling" and includes a variety of tools that help in the planning, evaluation and control of business ratios and processes. A core element of the management control is integrated corporate planning. As a corporate consultancy, we assist our clients when it comes to the efficient implementation of integrated corporate planning and thus management control.

Organizational Optimization

Global competition, dynamic growth and rapid technological change are constantly presenting companies with new challenges when it comes to process optimization. Only if the organizational structure of the company is consistently kept up to date, it is possible to avoid friction losses and thus also losses in competitiveness. Especially in terms of organizational and process optimization, the undisguised and neutral view from outside provides valuable help. As a management consultant, we analyze the organizational structure of your company, highlight weaknesses and inefficiencies, and develop packages of measures for optimization in dialogue with management and executives.

Increase in Value

What is a company worth? This question can only be answered insufficiently by looking at the balance sheet. On the one hand, assets listed on the balance sheet – such as buildings, land or machinery – rarely match the true market value. And secondly, the total value of the company largely depends on how efficiently – that is, with what returns -– the total capital can work. In the long term, the value of the company can be increased by optimizing returns and costs as well as the use of capital. With careful analysis, we determine for our clients in which areas of the company potential value drivers are hidden and how their potential can be translated into concrete value increases.