Ways of Corporate Financing

Strengthening of Equity

In order to be prepared for the volatilities and risks of the markets, companies need a sufficient amount of equity capital. However, especially in periods of growth or upheaval, the available capital is not always sufficient. The consequence may be a deterioration of the rating and, consequently, a difficult access to credit. Thanks to our strong network of potential financiers and investors, we can identify alternative ways of strengthening equity in the form of mezzanine or equity capital or by looking for a strategic investor in such situations.

Optimization of the Balance Sheet Structure

The company's financing structure should not only be aligned with the corporate strategy, but should also take into account the balance sheet requirements. This does not only apply to the balance sheet structure on the liability side, which should show an economically healthy ratio of equity and debt capital. In addition, assets and current assets should be funded at matching maturities, so that future financing risks can be avoided as much as possible. Another look is at the interest-rate strategy and the resulting question of whether hedging measures are required beyond the existing contractual deadlines.

Improving Corporate Financing with the Independent Consulting Partner

As an independent consulting company with many years of experience, we offer our clients comprehensive and competent advice on all issues of corporate finance. We analyze the financing structure, develop measures for optimization and support our clients in the financing negotiations. In doing so, we are providing valuable strategic support both in realigning the financing strategy and in financing acquisitions, projects or new business models.