Financial Planning and Business Management

Professional planning and control go far beyond the well-known business evaluation (BWA). In addition to analyzing the current financial situation, it is essential to have well-founded planning for the income statement and balance sheet. Only in this way, for example, compliance with credit covenants can be monitored in advance. Likewise, a resulting cash flow planning can and should be used to manage the funds in the company to ensure that sufficient liquidity is available. The wealth of data is interpreted in the plan-actual analysis and forms the basis for future business and financial decisions.  A professional software solution (such as for example LucaNet) forms the technical basis to ensure transparent and efficient corporate management.

Keep the Complexity of the Company Under Control

Especially in medium-sized companies, the increasing complexity over time presents great challenges. Many companies that were founded 10 or 20 years ago as small businesses have now become mid-sized companies with various business lines. Only if the planning and control instruments are adapted to the growing requirements, the company can also be kept on a secure course economically and financially.

If the company is active in several divisions, it is important to evaluate the contribution that the individual divisions make to the overall profit and cash flow. This is done within the framework of a product or division planning. For all these demanding tasks, professionally designed and carefully adjusted instruments are needed, which also make complex data volumes comprehensible at a glance.

With the Right Set of Tools on the Path to Success

For management control and planning, a large number of controlling instruments are available, such as systems for integrated corporate planning or the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), which have proven themselves in operational practice. However, not every instrument is suitable for every business – success is achieved when the instruments used have been selected on the basis of the individual operational situation and tailored to the needs of the users.

Wide-Ranging Expertise for Individual Consulting

The experienced team of experts of our management consultancy offers our clients valuable support in the implementation or modernization of integrated corporate planning. We use market-leading software solutions. We were able to successfully implement more than 200 integrated company planning projects. The spectrum ranges from the planning of individual companies to the implementation of integrated planning systems for groups of companies with 20 or more companies. In addition to our own expertise, we can rely on our strong network of experts to involve other professionals as needed. In this way we offer our clients competent and individually tailored consulting in all phases from planning to operational implementation.