On this basis we offer support in almost all crisis stages and along the entire course of the crisis.

As part of the protective shield procedure, companies have the opportunity to carry out a self-administration restructuring in the event of a liquidity crisis that threatens their existence. The basis for this is § 270b of the insolvency order, which specifies the framework conditions for the protective shield procedure in the event of imminent insolvency or over-indebtedness. The prerequisite is that the insolvency has not yet occurred, a sound insolvency plan is being drawn up and a restructuring appears promising. For companies this leaves the opportunity open to initiate the reorganization on their own responsibility, while taking matters into their own hands. In addition, if successful, the company and its operational know-how as a whole can be retained.

Acting Under Time Pressure in a Targeted Manner

Because the protective shield procedure is limited in time, far-reaching decisions have to be made in this tight time frame. Liquidity must be secured, existential negotiations must be conducted with financing partners, personnel adjustments must be made, and a viable concept must be developed for the continuation of the business. All these tasks can only be accomplished by involving experienced experts who actively support the management from concept development to the implementation of specific measures.

We analyze the current situation, develop concepts for the renovation and provide competent support in the operational implementation. In negotiations with banks, creditors and stakeholders, we bring in all our experience in order to achieve the best possible results in terms of a successful continuation of the business.

Insolvency Plan and Restructuring Concept as a Basis for the Successful Restructuring

As part of the protective shield procedure, an insolvency plan is drawn up, which forms the basis for negotiations with all parties involved, and depicts under which conditions and with which strategy the future of the company can be secured. If all creditor groups agree to the insolvency plan, it can be put into practice, thus avoiding the liquidation of the company.

As part of the insolvency plan a mid-to-long term restructuring concept is developed that will restore the company's competitiveness. A careful analysis of the problem areas, stringent action plans and their verifiable financial feasibility are integral parts of a professional concept.

Experienced Companions on a Difficult Path

With more than 300 successfully completed restructuring projects, we are one of the most experienced and successful management consultancies in the field of pre-insolvency restructuring and insolvency support. Fast and reliable analysis, strategic skill and dynamics in the implementation of restructuring measures: these are the quality features that our existing clients appreciate in our work and on which our future clients can also rely.