In addition, operational causes can lead to an interim manager being involved for a certain period of time. This can be the case, for example, if the company is to be restructured after a crisis, if the company is sold or if new executives are to be operatively supported by experienced experts as part of the entrepreneurial succession. Even if extensive projects, such as the introduction of ERP systems, are pending, an interim manager can take on the temporary management tasks. This avoids that the additional burden on the existing management affects the leadership quality.


Fast Action for the Seamless Transition

Whether temporary commercial manager or other executives, we provide our clients with an experienced interim manager who will take on the tasks ahead within a very short time. Especially in crisis situations or in case of unforeseen failures, quick action is indispensable. After all, every day of the delay increases the company's economic and legal risks. In addition to specialist and management skills, interim managers also need extensive industry experience, so that they can familiarize themselves with the new task within a very short time and make decisions on a secure basis. Through our strong network, we can rely on competent, industry-experienced and readily available management experts, who take over the interim management for a few weeks or months as required.

Our network of experts ranges from operational or senior interim managers for accounting and controlling to CFO or CRO with and without a director. If our clients need it, we support companies and entrepreneurs in individual cases with executives in the areas of technology and management. With this support, companies were able to master complex management tasks swiftly in times of upheaval or in the realization of large-scale projects, and to ensure their long-term success.