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For strategic questions or operational challenges: Concentro advises comprehensively on corporate development, jointly creates individual concepts and accompanies the implementation.

Corporate Strategy

A long-term corporate strategy is the basis for the sustainable success of the business. Especially in this area, the neutral view from the outside is extremely valuable: As a management consultancy, we support our clients in detecting the need for corrections, in defining clear corporate goals and in supporting the implementation.

Management Control

Management control is one of the most important business tasks in the company. The planning and control is often summarized under the term "controlling" and includes a variety of tools that help in the planning, evaluation and control of business ratios and processes. A core element of the management control is integrated corporate planning. As a corporate consultancy, we assist our clients when it comes to the efficient implementation of integrated corporate planning and thus management control.

Increase in Value

What is a company worth? This question can only be answered insufficiently by looking at the balance sheet. On the one hand, assets listed on the balance sheet – such as buildings, land or machinery – rarely match the true market value. And secondly, the total value of the company largely depends on how efficiently – that is, with what returns -– the total capital can work. In the long term, the value of the company can be increased by optimizing returns and costs as well as the use of capital. With careful analysis, we determine for our clients in which areas of the company potential value drivers are hidden and how their potential can be translated into concrete value increases.

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Corporate Development in the Automotive Industry

Software implementation and development of a planning and reporting structure increase internal and external transparency.

Whitepaper | How economically successful printing companies manage themselves and realize successes

The printing industry has been in a state of upheaval for years. Overcapacities, the growing importance of digital media, the shrinking market for print products and the resulting decline in volumes and prices are all signs of the trend of recent years. In addition, some lenders and credit insurers are pushing ahead with their demands on companies in the printing industry, which can lead to gaps in the financing of necessary investments and ongoing liquidity. This results in mergers of printing companies, but also in an increasing number of corporate insolvencies.

Whitepaper | Plastics Processing 2012: Meeting the challenges of the market successfully

The global economic crisis has hit many plastics processors hard. Since then, the industry has returned to normal and is reporting positive news. Nevertheless, the industry is facing new challenges.

Whitepaper | Is the Chinese dragon stumbling?

How well are German medium-sized suppliers positioned when global demand for automobiles starts to cool significantly? Current reports on the development of the global automotive market are attracting attention.

Technical paper | Strategic corporate management using the example of an automotive supplier

Developing new products, redesigning processes, opening up new markets - a company can only be successful in the long term if management and employees succeed in doing so time and again. But that is easier said than done. In addition to courage and ideas, the right instruments for planning and control are also needed. You can find out more about this in this technical article.

Whitepaper | Strategic company acquisition - qualified growth through targeted search

The purchase and in particular the integration of a company are not routine for medium-sized entrepreneurs and are associated with some risks. A team of specialized consultants should be involved as early as possible in an acquisition. This whitepaper takes up this idea and is intended to give an overview of how a strategic acquisition can be systematically planned and carried out on one's own initiative. In particular, the M&A strategy is in the focus.

Whitepaper | Stationary fashion trade - Shaping the future in the present

Since the advent of e-commerce at the turn of the millennium, the share of online commerce has been increasing year by year. This development has accelerated in recent years. The stationary trade, especially the stationary fashion trade, is facing great challenges which not all market participants are up to. As a result of an increasingly dynamic market and changing buying behaviour, insolvencies have increased in recent months and years. Affected retailers must take a progressive approach to necessary strategic and structural changes in order to conquer and maintain their position in a changing market.

Whitepaper: Profit and liquidity under control - through integrated corporate planning and control

In order to succeed as a medium-sized company in a market that is often driven by changes, competitive pressure and price pressure, one needs - in addition to competitive products and services - effective corporate management, i.e. a functioning navigation system for the company. An essential element of this navigation system is the integrated planning and control of profit and liquidity.