Sector: Building Cleaning
Revenue: ca. EUR 24 M
Employees: 1800

Initial Situation

  • The industry offers very few unique selling points
  • The competition is primarily about the price
  • Due to private obligations, the shareholder makes large distributions
  • In the past, many participations had to be written down because they were not actively managed

Procedures and Services

  • Creation of a continuation concept based on IDW S6
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive program of measures:
  1. Use of natural fluctuation in the overhead area
  2. Introduction of a flexible personnel pool for 2 profit centers
  3. Selective abandonment of objects with a negative contribution margin II
  4. Merging of regional sections to reduce overhead
  5. Reduction of material costs i.a. through adjustments to leasing vehicles


  • Ensuring the existing financing up to year +2
  • Implementation of a nearly tax-neutral haircut on the pension of the main shareholder amounting to EUR 0.5 million
  • Recovering an industry-standard return within 24 months
  • Implementation of 80% of the planned measures with an annual effect of over 500 kEUR


Source: Concentro