Sector: Toy industry / food industry
Product Range: Innovative creative toy
Revenue: < 100 kEUR
Employees: 3

Initial Situation

  • Foundation year -8 as an innovative company with a new children's toy related to the food industry
  • Core product / idea: Creative toy made of natural, harmless ingredients, which is suitable for consumption
  • Several international awards from various juries for the most innovative product of the year
  • Strong increase in sales in the first years to year -5
  • Significant slump in sales from year -4 due to legal disputes with the largest competitor

Procedures and Services

  • Conducting a structured sales process to obtain the product
  • Initiation of a bidding process
  • Creation of relevant transaction documents in German and English
  • International address to companies in the toy and food industry
  • Conducting management meetings
  • Negotiation with the potential investors and derivation of a takeover structure


  • Despite a significant slump in sales between year -5 and year 0, the toy manufacturer was sold successfully
  • Acquisition of the assets by a large internationally operating German company
  • Receipt of the product and the brand
  • Creation of the basis for further work on the "resurrection" and distribution of the product by the inventors together with a strong partner


Source: Concentro