Sector: Woodworking industry
Product Range: Timber
Revenue: EUR 180 M
Employees: 300

Initial Situation:

  • The operational restructuring has already been completed
  • A balance sheet restructuring of the liability side is still pending
  • A financier has announced his desire to withdraw from the company
  • In the past, only bilateral talks were held with banks with different collateral
  • The future financing of the corporate group is only possible with a consolidation or restructuring of the financing

Procedures and Services

  • Definition of shareholder goals and derivation of possible options for action
  • Development of a target financing structure
  • Conducting discussions with all financiers and drawing up a detailed term sheet
  • Definition of covenants based on a medium-term planning
  • Conclusion of a syndicated loan of € 50 million from a leading German commercial bank and a large Landesbank


  • Ensuring a sufficient financing volume for the implementation of the corporate strategy
  • Stabilized overall financing with improved maturity matching
  • Manageable complexity of credit and collateral agreements
  • Reduction of current financing costs
  • Financing provides sufficient scope and flexibility to take advantage of future market opportunities


Source: Concentro